4 CBS masterstudents in search for an apartment...

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4 CBS masterstudents in search for an apartment to share

Værelser4 værelser
Mindste areal80m2
Tidligste indflytnings datoSnarest muligt
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Dear houseowner,
we are four CBS masterstudents from Norway, Sweden and Austria (two girls amd two boys) planning to live together in Copenhagen for the next two years. Ages 22-29 years.

We rare in search of a calmer neighbourhood with a bicycle ride from Fredriksberg. Christian can come to Copenhagen from Oslo to meet you and to see the eventual apartment the coming weekends 1.-3.8 and 8.-10.8. We can move in from august onwards and can pay for rent from the very next day of contact if the apartment is free immediately.

We have thought about the juridicial side of living together and are open for suggestions on a solution that suits you the most due to a contract. We know the housing situation in Copenhagen is quite tense, so we would really appreciate hearing from you.

About us:
We are dedicated- and result oriented students. This was the basis criteria for our decision on living together. We have all experience from former housing collectives in our respective countries and can give references on request. As economy students do we pay in time, non of us do smoke and we do not plan to have any pets.

Christian Scharffenberg Fischenich:
From Oslo, 29 years, undergraduate from Norwegian Business School and the University of Mannheim. Currently working as Customer Support Manager for a norwegian music streaming service. I like going to the gym, to concerts and walking in the nature.

Constantin Ekström:
From Göteborg, 22 years, Bachelors degree from Gothenburg School of Business Economics and Law and the University of Mannheim. Further studies at University of Leipzig. Have worked for Church of Sweden.

Katharina Leichter:
From Vienna, 23 years old, Bachelors Degree from Vienna University of Business and Economics and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, just finished an internship at a PR & communications agency, likes sports, music and arts.

Denise Zillinger:
From Vienna, 24 years old, Bachelors Degree for...