Tips for safe housing search

Boligsurf gives you good advice for safe housing search.

Find a rental home

Finding a new home can be both difficult and time consuming. Many applications will be written and many landlords will be contacted before finding your new dream home.

It is important to protect yourself from fraudsters. But how do you spot a fake ad?

We try to validate all ad sources to protect you from possible fraudsters.

We always do our best when validating ads, but unfortunately even we fall for the fraudsters sometimes, who get´s better for each year. Therefore, we want to equip you with some good advice and rules that you can use in your future home seeking.

It is always a good idea to pay attention to the price in general, but also in relation to the location.

1. Never pay money under the table!
It is both illegal and you have no legal possibility to get your money back.
2. Never pay in advance, or with cash.
Avoid paying in advance and make sure that you get a valid receipt for the payment. Bank transfer is recommended, as the transaction can be traced.
3. Never pay the rent, security deposit or prepaid rent via online payment services such as Western Union or similar.
The transaction can't be reversed or traced.
4. Be careful not to transfer money to a foreign account!
Always be extra careful if you are asked to pay an advance to a foreign bank account. It can be difficult to distinguish between a serious landlord and a potential fraudster, so always be critical and have your own interests in mind.
5. Always have a contract signed by the landlord.
Make a secure residential business with a signature.
6. Always read the lease thoroughly, and check that what you agreed verbally, is what you have in writing.
Read the rental agreement carefully before signing it - even the fine print, and remember apartment inspection.
7. Check out who owns the property.
If you suspect something illegal, it is always a good idea to check who owns the residence.

Be critical - and do not hesitate to contact us if the ad seems suspicious.

Are you unsure whether it is a genuine landlord or a fraudster? So trust your stomach feeling. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You can use to check information on ownership and housing.

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