International couple is searching for an apartm...

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International couple is searching for an apartment

Værelser1 værelse
Mindste areal15m2
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We, Jana and Ramiro, are a married couple in our late 20's (26 and 28). We are looking for either an whole apartment or a room in a shared flat.
We just moved from Austin to Copenhagen, where we both worked full-time.
Ramiro is originally from Mexico and went to school and University in the US. He made his Bachelor at Brown University in Biochemistry and his Master in Environmental Engineering in Barcelona and Hamburg. Now he is making a 2-year Master in Computer Engineering at DTU, he got a scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses. In the US he worked in academia (doing climate science research) and in private education.
Jana (Austria) made her Bachelor in Sociology and her Master in Social Ecology (Environmental Science) in Vienna and Barcelona. Now she is working full-time.
We are clean, non-smokers and we don’t have any pets. We love being outside, traveling, biking, making sports, cooking together and spending time with friends and family. We're the type that likes to have a social atmosphere with the people we live with. For example, sharing a coffee or tea, organizing dinners, watching a movie etc. Yet still have the respected privacy in each other’s rooms. We have a lot of ideas rotating in our heads (connecting farmers with consumers, starting our own company…) and now we try to find ways how to implement those ideas on the side.

We really liked the details of your flat and it would be wonderful if you would give as the chance to meet you in person. You can call me anytime: +4591444910 or write an email:,

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and best wishes!

Ramiro and Jana