Social and friendly Danish guy, 28, looking for...

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Social and friendly Danish guy, 28, looking for a new home

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My name is Simon and I am 28 years old. I am originally from Aarhus, but moved to Copenhagen 4 years ago to study on my masters. I will be majoring in Political Science from Copenhagen University and am currently finishing my thesis. I just came home from a two-year-spell in New York, where I completed a M.A. in International Relations. I enjoyed the stay very much and loved the international environment apparent in the city. However, I have also been exceedingly happy to return home to Copenhagen and to my friends and family here, and I am thus looking for a place to live where I can build a home and engage fully in my surroundings. I hope your apartment and the socialness embedded herein could be just the right place to do that.

I enjoy socializing and am curious by nature. Traveling, new cultures, and cooking are among my biggest passions and especially Italian food and culture plays a exceedingly big, and to some people occasionally annoying, role. I lived in Italy for seven years back when I was a little guy, from 3 to 10, and I have visited the country sufficiently ever since to keep my passion for the country going strong. I am very tidy and tribute great devotion in respecting other peoples space and privacy. That means I can promise not to be the one keeping people up after light are out, and I will equally not be the one to wake people up in the mornings. I will always do my dishes and clean up after me and I wont be leaving my random stuff on the floor for other people to clean up after me. That been said, however, I don't mind a little mess here and there, and I do enjoy a glass of wine or a beer now and then and donate discriminate between hours of the day or any given occasion and I can guarantee not be the one to decline embarking on a night in the town.

I do not know what kind of economic sureties you are looking for from your new flatmate, but I can give full assurance regarding my economic secureness and will naturally submit m...