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Dear Madam/Sir
or Hey!

Mostly I wanted to ask you if you could help me finding a place from October 1st, or close to it, to end of January or end December (dates are more flexible)

My landlord just decided he didn't want more people in the room he was renting (old living room) and because of that I am going to be kicked out next week.. So your apartment from October is only what I need.

SO...about me :)
My name is Mafalda Melo Oliveira (shortest version of my surnames) and when I contacted my embassy in Copenhagen, I was given your website

I am portuguese and I am studying architecture.
I am taking my master in Portugal and also in Denmark. Last year I was in Aalborg studying and this year I am taking an internship in an architecture company in Copenhagen.

I am 22 years old , 23 soon

As for me,I am very responsible, friendly and smiley. i'm a non-smoker, but i don't really mind other people doing it, i really like to keep my suroundings clean, I am responsible enought to take properly care of the room and apartment. Also i don't have pets, but i don't mind at all if you have them since i love animals :)! Just to know me a little better, I like architecture and art, photography and traveling.. i'm normal, common girl that likes to read, watch movies, going for a walk ...
Also i was in Copenhagen before 3 times, and i'm really in love with the city! That's why i decided to apply for an internship here. :)

Please help me!! I wanted places in the center or very close to Furnished and good prices.
I found it already with you. please do help me, if possible making this dream of staying in Copenhagen come true.

I can go as well to see the room when is convenient :)

Anyway, if you need to know something else, don't hesitate to contact me! Looking forward to hear from you

Thank you so much for the time!
you can also contact me for more informations about me. Please do :)

My cellphone number is 00351 913587477
My emails: mafalda.mel...