CBS Master students searching for an apartment

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CBS Master students searching for an apartment

Værelser5 værelser
Mindste areal1m2
Tidligste indflytnings datoSnarest muligt
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Maks leje24.000,00 kr/md
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Dear Sir or Madam,

We are four 25-year old young men searching for an apartment in Copenhagen. We are all originally from Finland but currently doing our Master's degrees at Copenhagen Business School.

Let us tell a bit about us:

As said, we all Master students at CBS starting our final year.
Teemu and Sebastian have obtained their BSc. degrees from Aarhus University and thus have been living in Denmark for 4 years now.
Sebastian is working full-time at Nordea Asset Management next to his studies. He is a football enthusiast and plays in the CBS team.
Teemu works for Royal Copenhagen besides studying and spends his spare time enjoys working out and watching movies.
Luka has been living and studying for his BSc. in London UK prior to his arrival in Copenhagen. He is a former tennis pro and coach. Besides tennis, Luka enjoys books and exploring Danish cuisine.
Sakari has completed his BSc. studies in Sweden. When schoolwork allows, Sakari has been working for Danske Bank's Private Wealth Management Division. Outside work and school, Sakari is into snowboarding and cooking.

We are all tidy and responsible with solid financials. We do not own any pets, smoke, or party. We can all speak a bit of Danish in addition to being fluent in Swedish, Finnish, and English.

We have also lived in shared apartments before and there have never been any complaints about us as tenants.

We are flexible regarding different housing arrangements but in a nutshell, we are looking for an apartment that could accommodate the four of us, with a monthly rent expense of around 6000 DKK a month each. The closer to the centrum the better!

If you think your apartment might be suitable for us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen,

Sebastian Resman, Teemu Vuorinen, Sakari Kangasniemi & Luka Kiknadze