Master Student looking for a room while doing I...

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Værelser1 værelse
Mindste areal10m2
Tidligste indflytnings dato28. aug 2023
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Master Student looking for a room while doing Internship

Værelser1 værelse
Mindste areal10m2
Tidligste indflytnings dato28. aug 2023
Profil typeMand
Maks leje3.800,00 kr/md
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Hello, fellow denizens of Aalborg! I'm a 25-year-old Robotics Master's student who's deeply fascinated by the intersection of technology and everyday life. Although my course keeps me engrossed most of the time, I believe in balancing academics with an active lifestyle and engaging hobbies.

Hobbies and Interests:
I'm either engrossed in the alternate realities of sci-fi novels or having a blast with my PS5. Gaming has always been a passion and if you're a fellow gamer, I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about.Board games are another of my interests. They make for an excellent group activity and are a great way to bond with fellow housemates.

Housemate Characteristics:

Respectful and Considerate: I value personal space and boundaries and would always treat my housemates with respect and courtesy. You won't have to worry about loud noises late at night or disruptions to your privacy.
Cleanliness: I'm a firm believer in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in shared spaces. I always clean up after myself and would gladly participate in any cleaning schedules or routines the household may have.
Reliable: As a housemate, I am reliable when it comes to paying rent and bills on time. I understand the importance of trust in a shared living arrangement.
Shared Activities: I'd love to share my hobbies with my housemates, be it a game of basketball, a board game night, or a PS5 tournament. Of course, I'd also be interested in joining in my housemates' activities and hobbies.
Communicative: I believe open and clear communication is key to a harmonious living situation. I'm always open to discussions about any issues or improvements in our shared living arrangement.

In all, I'm looking for a friendly, respectful and clean living environment. If you think I would fit in with your house, let's connect!

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